SimplyCast Announces $2.3 Million Marketing Automation Integration Fund

Halifax’s SimplyCast announced today the creation of a $2.3 million Marketing Automation Integration Fundwhich will give organizations the opportunity to integrate with SimplyCast’s platform at a significantly reduced cost.

SimplyCast created the fund to make integration accessible to all organizations. Integration is the process of connecting two software systems in order to pass data between the two.

Integrating with marketing automation software helps organizations to communicate and market their products more effectively. When customers seek integration capabilities, however, it is often costly and time-consuming to get set up with specialized requirements.

SimplyCast will invest to reduce client cost and will assist the integration development process. There is no limit to the integration cost. Small businesses and nonprofit organizations are welcome to apply for integration. The fund reduces integration cost and removes the usual time constraints that organizations face by speeding up the entire process.

“The Marketing Automation Integration Fund in a huge opportunity for any organization looking to integrate and gain increased capabilities,” said Saeed El-Darahali, President and CEO of SimplyCast. “This fund makes integration possible for any organization. Our team wanted to give back to the community and enable organizations to take advantage of the efficiencies of marketing automation.”

An example of how integration works is if an organization has a home-built CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and they want to integrate marketing automation services in addition. The company would integrate with SimplyCast in order to take advantage of this functionality. The total cost of software ownership is greatly reduced for the organization.