Site Celebrating Canadian DNA Out of Beta

Canada CODE, the digital online project to celebrate the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics as part of the Cultural Olympiad launched (according to the official release) just a few days ago, on May 4th.  Some of you commented on my previous post about  the BETA site.  The user-friendliness of the site was so-so and all the parties involved in creating the project weren’t clear, so I wanted to give you an update. Fjord Interactive, Agentic and Randomlink were involved in the Web building and project management phase.  Bell, Vanoc and the National Film Board of Canada were the overall conceptors.  Here is a full list for site credits.  I spoke to Jessie Johnston, Web Site Editor for Canada CODE from Vancouver 2010 to get the updates:

We received a lot of feedback about the registration process, and we’ve made it much clearer, so that new users should have no problem registering.  There are a number of different ways you can filter content on the site: most recent uploads, Our Picks, location and generation of submitter, as well as the colour, intention and level of energy assigned by the person who uploaded the content (which we leave open to their own creative interpretation). These filters can be used alone and in combination, on both the Flash and HTML sites. Speaking of which, to address your commenter’s concern about permalinks, they are easy to find on the HTML site, and also available on the Flash site if you click the Share link on an individual piece of content.

As for their moderation policy,

Our moderation policy is to ensure that all of our content is appropriate for anyone to view. We check submissions for offensive or inappropriate material, and if they don’t violate our 5 “Golden Rules”, they get published.

You can check out the “golden rules” here and start sharing your story or building your Canadian digital experience.