Six Blog Degrees of Separation

Not having blogged for awhile, when our Techvibes leader, Rob Lewis, suggested I post a blog on BlogDay, I thought it would be a good opportunity to put my rusty digitalpen to paper, as well as do a shout out to some fascinating minds I’ve had the fortune to come across in my travels.

I came up with six blogs that I read from time to time … and, interestingly, they are as varied as the people that write them:

  1. Paul Poutanen: Paul’s blog discusses his business journey as founder of Calgary’s which offers crowd source testing for wireless applications (and is secretly growing into a incredible success story), as well as his insights on the wild and wacky wireless application industry that he’s been a pioneer in for the last bunch of years.
  2. Bob Hayes: Bob is a good friend from Seattle, is founder of, has a Ph.D. in industrial organizational psychology and is a recognized expert in customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement (mostly as it relates to hyper-growth of a company). While I love customer loyalty stuff as much as the next guy, I also get a kick out of him kicking Fred Reichheld’s Net Promoter theory in the arse.
  3. George Jaquette: I worked with George near San Francisco on a social networking project at Intuit a couple of years ago, and he’s now Vice President, Engineering of, an Saas financial service suite. With an MBA and a degree from MIT, George is potentially the smartest guy I’ve ever met, and in combination with his well-considered thinking and deep humanity, his blog is a great read.
  4. Julie Rusciolelli: I haven’t spoken with Julie for a couple of years but I include her here for a couple reasons: as President of Toronto based Maverick, a public relations firm that rages against the corporate schlock most PR firms are shelling, and also because she’s a firecracker and a very entertaining read.
  5. Fred Yee: Fred is CEO of Calgary based SEO optimization firm and converting leads to sales technology, Both companies provide excellent results using sound business web techniques vs. the tricksters and spammers that infuriate us all. Fred’s blog is a combination of big picture SEO thoughts as well as what’s going on locally in Calgary.
  6. Sharon McIntyre: I like Sharon’s blog for two reasons: it tries to make sense of participating in a tech scene that’s off the beaten path (i.e. Calgary!), and secondly, Sharon is part of Calgary’s STIRR, which also involves (and continues the vital work of) some of the original members of Material Insight, the now defunct private hub of Calgary high-tech.

And, finally, a shout out to my fellow Techvibes bloggers, who are doing great and necessary work in building grassroots high-tech awareness of their own cities. Finding passion/purpose in one’s work and life is a meandering road at times. We use the thoughts and perceptions of those we admire to help forge our own, and for that, I thank all the above people.