Six Key Takeaways from BDC Capital’s Latest FUNDamental Principals Discussion

The latest installment of BDC Capital’s FUNDamental Principals series was held in Vancouver for the first time.

The event, positioned as a follow-up to the #BCTECHSummit, saw 100 managing partners, directors, and founders 40 funds gather to share and collect insights.

Here are six key takeaways from some of the speakers.

1. “It’s critical that the investors are aligned from the very beginning—with the entrepreneur and each other—on how the team will be built and evolved,” said Simon Chong of Georgian Partners. “There’s nothing worse than a split board over a critical change in the senior management team.”

2. “Every important company today is a data business,” said Jeff Booth, CEO of BuildDirect.

3. Regardless of geography, what matters to investors is “a great team, unique and valuable IP, and a huge market target,” according to Peter Craddock of Shoreline Ventures.

4. “Great entrepreneurs aren’t risk takers; they take asymmetric bets on what they are doing,” said Booth. “They see limited downside and unlimited upside.”

5. Boris Wertz of Version One Ventures says he starts building a syndicate for each investment “before we ever invest the first dollar,” noting that of all of 50-plus deals, “every one has been a syndicate from the beginning.”

6. Canadian investors can hire top talent from the US because “cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal have a lot to offer,” noted Jasper Hopper of executive search firm SPMB, with attractive, “world-class opportunities.”