Skip the waiting room with Clinicbook

A great man once commented on the indignities of doctor’s waiting rooms. But a new website that was featured at yesterday’s CONNECT expo in Vancouver might make such problems a thing of the past.

Robin McFee’s Clinicbook is a tool for doctors, dentists and other health care providers that provides appointment info to their patients. UBC alum and co-founders Robin McFee, Winnie Lai, and Joel Matsumoto designed a directory of health care providers in Canadian communities that posts things like business hours and maps and even reviews of the particular clinics. Patients can make appointments with the site, and Clinicbook receives payment from the doctor every time an appointment is booked.

The Vancouver Sun’s Gillian Shaw interviewed Robin McFee, the site’s creator:

“My parents are both medical doctors and my dad works primarily in walk-in clinics,” said Robin McFee, a co-founder of Clinicbook who is part way through his degree in electrical and computer engineering at UBC. “The receptionist hates how many people call in to ask how long the wait is.

“That’s the initial opportunity we identified.”

Clinicbook also plans to add information on waiting times at various clinics to put an end to the lineups and phone calls from anxious patients, a feature it will debut at CONNECT.

“Our hope is down the road, in six [to] nine months, you’ll be able to go online and identify the clinic with the lowest wait time where you can get seen at first,” said McFee.

Pretty outstanding. No more thumbing through ancient copies of Maclean’s that still name Paul Martin as the Prime Minister, no more calling around to find a place that’s open — and not totally overcrowded.

Before hitting CONNECT, McFee had already raised $85,000 in start-up funding, and he’s looking to attract further investment. You can check out Clinicbook here.