Skype and iPhone Are Now Official

Skype has arrived for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Updated: BUT NOT IN CANADA! Why?  According to Ian Andrew Bell, it’s not some vague patent licensing issue as a Skype PR person describes, but a signaiing and or call set-up issue that only a few people must understand.

As the Globe and Mail points out,

In effect, services such as Skype mark the beginning of a transition that will see consumers subscribe to smart phones in a fashion similar to how they use computers – by paying providers such as Rogers Communications Inc. or Bell Mobility Inc. one price for Internet access on the mobile device and then using that service to use various applications, instead of paying for multiple services.

Much like the existing Skype on your computer, users will be able to use the software to make free phone calls and send instant messages to other Skypers.  The mobile Skype software will work wherever a WiFi signal is accessible.