Slack to Launch Enterprise Version of Platform Early Next Year

Slack plans to launch an enterprise-focused version of its collaboration platform early next year.

The Vancouver-born company says services for the enterprise edition wil include unified security and better group management.

The fastest-growing startup ever, Slack had originally hoped to launch the enterprise version this year, having first announced its eventual launch in 2014.

Valued at $3 billion, Slack has more than 1.25 million active users and $35 million in annual recurring revenue.

Slack is adding a new feature that will allow bosses to look to employees’ private messages.

The feature, called Compliance Exports, will grant team leaders access to all private conversations.

The Vancouver-based billion-dollar startup says the change was necessary in order to appeal to larger enterprise customers who deal with regulations.

“Sadly, there are businesses today that want to use Slack but can’t. Why? Because they have very specific legal and regulatory requirements that require they have access to and store all employee communications. This includes companies with on-going litigation and financial services and securities trading firms regulated under FINRA, to cite two examples,” Slack wrote in a blog post.

The feature will become available January 1. Hopefully it helps the team collaboration tool become less of a piece of shit, to quote founder Stewart Butterfield.