Slow social networking with Portland on Fire

One of the most original—and simple—side projects to come out of Portland in recent months is a social networking site started by Raven Zachary called Portland on Fire.

Or to position it more accurately, “a slow social networking site.”

What’s slow social networking? It’s all about taking the time to get to know one Portland person per day. It could be someone in tech, the arts, marketing… you name it. All it takes is filling out a profile form. It’s that easy.

Why participate?

Current online social networks are ineffective channels to meet new people. This site will help to facilitate networking. I was working on a project in the late 90’s called ‘Great Minds’ – a global profile site of amazing people. This is an implementation of that idea focused around the amazing people in the Portland, Oregon, area.

There’s only one problem. Apparently, we’ve exhausted the reserves of interesting people in Portland.

I know, I know. I expected it to take a lot longer, too. But, the Portland on Fire coffer is empty, so I am only left to assume that there are no longer any interesting people left.

What’s that? You’re interesting? Well, okay. I have to admit, my interest is piqued. But I won’t really believe you, until I read about you. So go ahead and submit your profile.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.