The Techvibes Smartphone Smackdown Spectacular




Apple’s iPhone 5 saw more than two million pre-orders plus an additional five million opening weekend sales, shattering its own incredible records. The totally redesigned device is easily one of the best smartphones in the world today—and we want you to have one for free.

But maybe you don’t want one. Maybe you want Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy S III, considered to be the iPhone’s fiercest rival. Well, you can win that too. Or perhaps you want the BlackBerry Bold 9900, RIM’s best smartphone. Yeah, you can win that as well.

Welcome to the Techvibes Smartphone Smackdown Spectacular. It’s the best giveaway we’ve ever done.

Up for grabs is your choice of Apple’s hot new iPhone 5, Samsung’s powerful Galaxy S III, or RIM’s iconic BlackBerry Bold 9900. The winner of this giveaway not only gets to choose their device, but also gets to choose its colour. And best of all, the device won’t be associated with any carrier or contract. This smackdown offers the best devices and true freedom of choice for one insanely lucky victor.

If you weren’t picking up your jaw and wiping up your drool from the floor, you’d probably ask right now, “how can I participate in this awesome event?” Well, we wanted to make it as simple as possible. Indeed, this contest isn’t just our best ever in terms of prizes—it’s also our easiest ever to enter.

To enter, all you have to do follow us on Twitter and comment below, stating which of the three amazing smartphones you want: the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy, or the BlackBerry Bold (choosing a colour is not necessary at this stage). If you’re already following us on Twitter, all you have to do is comment. It’s really that simple; just make sure to use a real email address (it’s kept private) and your Twitter handle when commenting.

Deadline to enter is Saturday, October 6, 2012, at midnight PST. Maxiumum one entry per day up to five total entries. Contest open to residents of Canada and the US. Entries beyond five will not be counted and do not increase your odds of winning. One winner will be announced within 48 hours following the close of contest.

Good luck!