Why Walmart Has the Upper Hand: 73% of Small Businesses Have No Inventory Control System

According to an informal survey of 575 small businesses by Archon Systems, 41% of small businesses are using Excel or Access to manage their inventory, while 32% are using pen and paper. Some use nothing at all.

“Most small businesses know to use accounting software by now. The benefits over spreadsheets make it an obvious choice. However, surprisingly many have a stone-age inventory system,” explains Archon cofounder Stephen Fung.

The Toronto-based software company has created inFlow Inventory for small businesses. InFlow provides a complete inventory control system to manage purchasing, sales and track stock, according to Archon. Other features include the ability to track multiple payments for a single order, a new historical inventory report, expanded keyboard shortcuts, and improved reordering when stock is low.

This week, Archon released a new version of inFlow Inventory. The Canadian company says the new edition makes it easier and more affordable than ever to make the switch from spreadsheets to something more sophisticated.