Smart and Hungry in Calgary?

Jon Lam of Calgary’s Ph03nix New Media Inc. is taking smart people out for lunch and writing about it online at Lunch with Smart People. Great concept. Up first is Cambrian House’s MJ Sikorsky at the Calgary Earl’s Tin Palace. Be sure to check out the full lunch interview which kicks off with: What do you think of the whole ’sky is falling’ VC view, and the Sequoia doom presentation?”

I had the chance to see Lam pitch a packed room at the Banff Venture Forum last month and he impressed with his pitch on their new online world that combines education with video games. Lam’s goal is to become the “Club Penguin of learning” and referred to their planned hip hop online world as a “chocolate vitamin”. The online world promises to offer games that are educational in nature to appeal to parents and teachers while engaging players with interactive tasks.

Ph03nix’s track record to date is strong. They’ve made money with their Curse of the Pharaoh title which is available for sale on Big Fish Games with 750,000 downloads.

Lam with be out in Vancouver next week for the 24th Angel Forum. I have yet to receive an invitation for lunch.