Dangerous Internet of Things: Are ‘Smart Homes’ Exposing Canadians to New Security Risks?

This week HP released a research report on connected home security systems that suggests the emerging “smart home” trend could be putting consumers at higher security risks.

The HP Fortify report, which assessed 10 connected home security devices and their cloud and mobile app components, drew some alarming conclusions: none of the systems required the use of a strong password and all systems failed to offer two-factor authentication.

“All of the studied devices used in home security contained significant vulnerabilities,” HP says, “including enumerable usernames, weak password policy and no account lockout.”

The Internet of Things continues to expand its breadth, but in its infancy the consumer end of IoT is littered with security holes.

“In our ongoing research, we continue to see significant deficiencies in the areas of authentication and authorization along with insecure cloud and mobile interfaces,” HP warns in its report. “It is of particular concern to see these deficiencies in systems where the primary function is security.”

Check out more details culled from the report in the infographic below.


Infographic: HP