Smartphone Trade-in Website Sphere Helps You Get Most for Your Old Device

Apple’s new iPhone 6S has now officially been announced, which makes now a great time to consider what you’re going to do with your old smartphone if you want to upgrade.

Vancouver-based Sphere offers a simple trade-in service through their website. Their website allows you to get an instant quote for your device depending on the model, carrier, and condition. They’ll send you a prepaid shipping kit for free in the mail so that you can send your phone to them. They also give you 30 days to send in your phone from when the shipping kit is sent to you to give you enough time to receive your new device and transfer everything over.

Once Sphere gets in your old smartphone and makes sure it’s in the right condition, you’ll get paid by a cheque sent to you or a PayPal payment, versus the typical in-store credit you’ll get from the phone carriers. Payments are often made within 1 day of them receiving your phone. If they find your phone is actually worth more than it is, they’ll revise your offer to the higher amount. If the offer is lowered, you can choose to have your phone sent back to you, free of charge.

Their website takes in over 50 models, including Samsungs, Nokias, and BlackBerries.  They also accept iPads for trade-in.

As of September 9, an iPhone 5S 16GB in mint condition will get you around $200, and a Samsung Galaxy S5 in perfect shape will fetch you around $220. With the new iPhones on their way in the coming weeks, these prices are expected to drop over time, so you would want to lock in a trade-in as soon as you can.