SmarttNet to Launch New Option for Faster Broadband

I wrote recently about pilot projects for fiber optic Internet connections, which are still a rare find and expensive. In the meantime, cable and DSL connections aren’t getting much faster anytime soon. Wireless internet solutions are limited in speed and limited to urban coverage. Burnaby-based ISP SmarttNet (not a ttypo) has a solution for those that need tomorrow’s speeds with today’s technology. Arista Connect is a service whereby they run combine multiple DSL lines to act as a single connection.

Whereas a fiber connection could cost anywhere between $800 to $2,000 monthly, plus up to $2,000 to set up over six to eight weeks, Arista Connect pricing is not dependent on location and can be implemented within a week starting at $179 to setup and about $300 monthly.

The technology runs by joining multiple DSL lines together, but is at an advantage over traditional bundling methods by operating at a different level in the system.  In short, it does not rely on software, which means direct communication is possible between devices, allowing for more reliability and security, not to mention speed.  For businesses, the result is a low-cost product that SmarttNet believes can’t be beat.

This technique of multi-homing is not new in networking, it would traditionally require a sophisticated routing setup on the receiving end. In addition to increased speed, such a connection also gets the redundancy of being able to operating even if one of the connections fails. While this might not be the cheapest Internet option available, it may be the fastest option for areas where ordinary coverage falls short. SmarttNet claims that Arista Connect will be available throughout 90% of BC and Alberta, launching in January.