Smibs releases web-based sales tool Doorbell

After a year of beta testing, Edmonton-based startup Smibs Inc. has released its first product, Doorbell (see our previous coverage here and here). Described as “sales software for non-sales people”, Doorbell is a simple web-based tool that helps you manage contacts and relationships.

As you’ll learn in the tour, Doorbell enables you to centralize and organize your contacts. You can then manage opportunities or leads, make connections with other people and companies, and assign and track tasks and notes across your company. Doorbell supports import and export via Outlook, vCard, and CSV, so getting started is easy.

Doorbell has been used by the University of Winnipeg since August of last year, and they say their recruitment success rate has increased by more than 20%. Smibs says the software is targeted at creative professionals, small and medium sized businesses, and higher education providers.

Smibs has gone with the freemium model for Doorbell. There are two free accounts: Personal Contact Manager gives you 1 user with unlimited contacts, and Business Starter gives you 2 users with 250 contacts. The paid account levels range from $19/month to $299/month, depending on the number of users, contacts, storage space, and opportunities you want.

Smibs is self-funded, and was founded by Peter Urban. The company is an active participant in the local technology community, and demoed an early version of Doorbell at DemoCampEdmonton1. They also run a popular video podcast called SmibsTV.

Have you used Doorbell? Let us know what you think.