New App Lets Canadians File Taxes with a Photo

Edmonton’s Snapfile recently launched Canada’s first mobile e-file tax app.

The app manages the filing process with the help of photos. Images of T4s and other tax forms are transmitted securely to Canadian tax professionals, who do the dirty work.

“We’ve spent years looking for the simplest way for Canadians to file their taxes. No one likes dealing with complicated software or making a trip to a tax services office,” explains David Schwede, CEO, who recently auditioned the company for Dragons’ Den.

Users answer basic profile questions before taking a photo of their files with their phone and sign the prepared files on their phone using their finger. The service starts at $25.

“Our mission is to get our customers the maximum return as effortlessly and economically as possible. We joke that filing on your phone is the best way to give your taxes the finger,” says Richard Houghton, CTO.

Snapfile is currently able to process taxes everywhere in Canada except Quebec.