Social Cinema Week at TIFF

The Toronto International Film Festival is more than just glamorous movie stars and parties that run into the early parts of the socinmorning.  And it’s more than just about movie premiers.

Industry insiders from leading film & television powerhouses will gather at this year’s most innovative social media, film & TV forum. 

SoCin Social Cinema Week is taking place at the same time as the Toronto International Film Festival.

Created by Sally Golan, Founder of Social Exposure Media and Paul Farkas, Founder of, the New York-based organization, SoCin will engage key players in the worlds of film & television, online, mobile and social media, to discuss and recognize the impact of social media.

Co-founder Sally Golan:

I’m extremely excited about SoCin Toronto for two reasons. Firstly, Toronto is my hometown, it’s where I grew up and so, I’m proud to show off my city!  And secondly, Toronto is one of the globe’s most active cities when it comes to social media, and I’m not just talking Facebook. It’s a hub for both film & social media making it a perfect city for this year’s Social Cinema Conference.

For more information on Social Cinema Week events check out the SoCin website.