Social Media and Emergency Response: Would You Tweet or Dial 9-1-1? [report]

The Canadian Red Cross released the results of a survey titled Social Media in Emergencies this morning and it has some interested results.

New data collected by Ipsos indicates that 63% of Canadians think disaster and emergency response agencies, including fire and police, should be prepared to respond to calls for help that are posted on social networks.

More specifically, 35% of respondents think emergency services would respond to a request for help posted on social media. 74% of whom believe help would arrive within one hour.

While television (39%) and radio (26%) are the preferred ways of receiving news about an emergency, one third (31%) of Canadians say they would prefer various electronic methods, such as websites, social media or mobile phones. And 54% of Canadians say they would use social media to let loved ones know they are safe in an emergency.

Whatever your preferred method of contacting emergency services, we all need to be more prepared.

And with so many Canadians reporting they are unprepared for emergencies, the Canadian Red Cross is stressing that families prepare for disasters by having enough food, water and provisions to sustain themselves for 72 hours.

For more information and preparedness tips you can visit the Canadian Red Cross online, join them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

Image (and cool related infographic): Mashable