When It Comes to Social Media, Millennials are Both the Influencers and the Influenced

Millennials drive much of today’s conversation on social media, but as much as they influence the conversation, they are just as influenced by it.

More than half of millennials will go out of their way to try something that they saw people—often strangers—post about on social media, just so they can be in the know, according to a recent study commissioned by Capital One Canada. And two-thirds enjoy experiencing travel destinations like “a local”—so that they’ll have unique stories to tell on social media.

It’s no wonder, then, that according to Ford’s latest annual “Looking Further” trends report, “staying on top of social media is starting to feel like a full-time job” is a statement than rings true for three-quarters of those in Brazil, two-thirds of those in India, and half of those in North America.

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“There’s no escaping the impact the rapid pace of technology has on culture,” said Sheryl Connelly, Ford’s in-house futurist.

Globally, the average millennial with internet spends more than three hours per day on their mobile devices, the equivalent of nearly a full day each week—or almost 50 days per year. Ford says that number is nearly five hours per day in North America.

58% of North American adults make a conscious effort to disconnect from their devices, according to Ford’s report, but millennials are twice as likely to feel anxious without their devices than those aged 35-plus.