Social Media and Web 2.0 Companies a Hit at Fusion

Panel is back after a delicious lunch of sandwiches and dessert. Up now is the Web 2.0 and Social Media presenters. A number of familiar faces are going on stage and here are the summaries of all the pitches:

Arcalife: Paul Taylor, CEO

Paul presented his destination online site called Arcalife. It’s one place to preserve family history and archive it. It’s a secure way to share your “rich family content in a lasting digital estate.” Services three markets: scrap-booking, social media and family history. Highlights of products include a family tree, family history and time line and capsule feature. The scrap booking option puts all these elements together. The services are all well-monetized and they now have 12,000 live members.

Muutu: Ashish Anand, CEO

Muutu is a real time search engine. Almost 60% of search is for local content and 4 out of the 5 search people do is vertical search, they’re also doing this to make a purchases. Muutu has localized and focused search, aggregates and organizes information and all this is done in real time. Another Vancouver-based success story!

My Wedding Match: Angel Pui, CEO

My Wedding Match is the ultimate wedding marketplace. Angel has a history in the wedding market so she decided to mix that experience with her entrepreneurial spirit. She wowed the panel by her confident and educated presentation. What makes her site different from others? She offers relevance and a focused-search for brides. She helps brides find exactly what they are looking for. Although there are visitor costs (she is using humans to make sure the vendors arewhat she wants) her visitor costs are still low. Old brides will be able to sell their old wedding dresses etc , while connecting with new brides. She has a Facebook App and does online advertising, as well as utilizing offline marketing.

EveryStockPhoto: Jonathan Yapp, CEO

Vancouver-based everystockphoto is a free stock media photo site. Currently, it’s free media that is license specific. Jonathan says they index the material in a source and license specific ways, like searching Flickr for Creative Commons. They aggregate content from them web and make it easily searchable and available from the consumer to professionals. They have 5 millions photos under 14 licenses and have about 60,000 people to sign up.

Wantsa: David Strebinger, CEO

Wantsa monetizes social media platforms by delivering what their members want. It’s a viral search and advertising application.

The Wantsa Engine is an application found within social networks that lets you and your friends exchange recommendations on trusted businesses, services and organizations. In return, you enjoy exclusive discounts and incentives from a valuable network of recommended companies.

You can find Wantsa on Facebook now.