Social Media Breakfast tomorrow in Calgary

Why do businesses get involved in social marketing? Getting the word out and promoting products and services is certainly part of the equation, but some businesses are using social marketing tools more for the “social” aspect and less for the “marketing.”

At the next instalment of Social Media Breakfast Calgary, on Friday, November 19th, two guest speakers will tell you how their companies have done just that. Greg Hounslow [pictured], emerging media advisor with WestJet and Trevor Turnbull, executive consultant with tMedia Strategies, will tell you how social media can be used to hear feedback from customers and improve services. They say that businesses need to be involved in the conversations that customers are having about them; they need to listen and be engaged with customers to build trust and show that they care.

These presentations, some networking, and, of course, breakfast will be had at Social Media Breakfast Calgary on Friday, November 19th at the Jayman Homes Theatre. This is a free event, but registration is required; you can register here.