Social Media Fundamentals with BizLaunch

Toronto’s BizLaunch helps new entrepreneurs succeed through education and training. BizLaunch has advised over 20,000 new entrepreneurs worldwide.

Renée Warren is managing BizLaunch’s social media activities. Through a few questions, Renée explains what BizLaunch is currently doing for social media, what their strategy is and what they are doing to connect with their market.

Why are you on social media? What’s the purpose?

For BizLaunch, there are many reasons why we want to create a presence on social media platforms. One of the priorities of social media initiative is to get people onto their webinars and live seminars. Through social media platforms, BizLaunch has been able to build a relationship with our market and provide enough value where our prospects feel compelled to listen to our webinars and attend live seminars.

What content do you share with your following?

The schedule is based around the editorial schedule of large publishers. There is a theme for each month and the content reflects that theme. The advantage is that the topics of the posts are predetermined and can be scheduled in advanced; this is where the content strategy comes into place.

The content on the blog leverages what’s already being talked about. For example, if January was the month of location-based social networks, then the articles would reflect that theme.

What is your definition of a successful social media strategy?

The first metric everyone talks about is usually the number of followers on Twitter. But in my perspective, the number of followers can be misleading. BizLaunch looks at the number of followers but also the quality of the followers. If the followers are actual humans (not automated accounts) and if they are engaging with BizLaunch’s content, then our social media activities are successful.

What was one of your biggest challenges with implementing social media?

The biggest challenge was convincing upper management. With larger budgets allocated to other marketing channels, investing in social media doesn’t make sense logically. In the past, the more money you invest in a marketing channel, the higher the return; social media is slowly changing that.

What are your next steps for engaging people on social media?

We are starting up a video interview campaign whereby we bring in high profile entrepreneurs and have an open ended 10 minute interview in our studio here. Each video is launched strategically aligned with our social media posting schedule as well as our editorial schedule.