Social Media one case-study at a time

CaseCamp is a free communications and social media unconference and it’s happening again in Vancouver next month at the Lamplighter in Gastown. As always it will be a fantastic networking opportunity and chance to hear four 15 minute case-study presentations. Organizer Cinci Csere of EAT Communications has lined up some great speakers:

  • Rob Schlyecher Partner of Spring Advertising – Greeting card companies have Valentines Day, the guilt industry has Mother’s Day. Rob will admit to claiming the First Day of Spring as a day of celebration in honor of one ad agency’s blatant self-promotion and its related fund-raising efforts.
  • David Walker of Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc. – In the overhyped and cliched world of beer advertising, David will reveal how their “refreshingly honest” campaign for Brewhouse beer led to sales growth over 1,000 per cent the industry average.
  • Trevor Carr & Brock Ellis of Noise Digital -Trevor and Brock will tell the story of how a dating site for the undead was used to build interest in Nokia’s mobile gaming platform.
  • Kris Krug of Raincity Studios – Using Social Media to Gather Phones for Fearless City.

CaseCamp is on March 10th with the first case-study kicking off at 6:00pm. Be sure to sign-up in advance online.