Social Media Week: The flagship foray into Toronto!

Techvibes is excited to announce its official media partnership with Social Media Week Toronto during the week of February 1-5th.  Social Media Week is a global brand that is visiting the likes of Sao Paulo, New York, Berlin, San Francisco and will now also be coming to Toronto, as a flagship event for our city.  

Billed as an entirely not-for profit event structure, Social Media Week differentiates itself from the likes of other media events with its unique emphasis on how the media influences and shapes the discourse of progression, culture and community in an ever changing global environment.  Lead Toronto city organizer, Eli Singer, the brain child behind the successful Case Camp series of events and founder of Entinsic is committed to bringing innovative and thought-provoking events to the table during this week and tapping into the underground and often unrecognized talent, potential and ideation in this vibrant city. 

Toby Daniels, founder and organizer of the Global Social Media Week as well as the original organizer of Social Media Week in New York City is coming off an incredibly successful week in 2009.  He had this to say about the concept:

We are so proud to be working with our city partners and excited to see how each individual cities program of events is beginning to take shape. The vision for Social Media Week is to create a global platform for conversation, connectivity and learning and our partners are crucial to making this to happen.

Social Media Week organizers in each of the above mentioned cities are busy developing intensive, comprehensive and riveting programming unseen by much of the media and technology community to date. Keep yourself in the know by checking out the Toronto site and following Social Media Week Toronto updates on twitter!

We look forward to seeing you from Feb 1-5th and asking the provocative and challending questions so exemplary of our times.