Social Mobile Analytics Company Kontagent Commits to Future in Canada

Are you a self-proclaimed data nerd? Do you get a rush from digging into data sets, and using your technical skills to derive conclusions and tell interesting stories?

If so, prove your data analysis chops in the Kontagent Big Data Challenge and you could win $10,000.

Here’s what you’ll have to do:

Use data from the Toronto Open initiative to solve a problem you find interesting. These are just some examples:

  • Try to quantify the reliability of the local transit system
  • Find compelling trends in expenses of municipal government
  • Identify parts of the city that are hotspots for parking tickets

Kontagent is leaving it up to challengers to decide what open data puzzle they want to solve. But whomever impresses the judges with their big-data analysis skills, could win the grand prize at Kontagent Konnect, a gala networking/tech talk event on September 20.

The Big Data Challenge is a signal of Kontagent’s committment to Toronto as it expands into Big Data.

The company foresees developing products that address Big Data analytics in a number of new and expanding business categories, and intends to leverage Toronto‘s considerable engineering talent base to help with product innovation and development.

“Kontagent is the recognized leader in social and mobile analytics, as our recent growth has affirmed,” said Jeff Tseng, Kontagent Chief Executive Officer. “In the past year our revenue has jumped 500% and we’ve tripled our headcount. Anyone using mobile as part of their business strategy is realizing how important data analytics is—which means Kontagent is now branching out into business segments well beyond social and mobile gaming. Our company is an ideal place for engineers who want to ride this wave of interest into mainstream business.”

Kontagent has maintained a Toronto technical office since 2010, but has recently chosen to develop its location in the city as a twin engineering headquarters, along with its San Francisco HQ.

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