Social networking meets science at The Mad Science Kids Club

Kids are getting involved in social networking at younger and younger ages; with that in mind, one Montreal company has developed a way for kids to learn about science while social networking.

The Mad Science Group, known for their fun presentations at birthday parties and schools about science aimed at a pre-teen audience, has launched The Mad Science Kids Club, which promises to merge science and networking.

The site offers kids the chance to try out science problems and collaborate with others through a “virtual science playground.” Kids can interact with each other with email, IM, VoIP and Skype-style applications found within the site. There’s also a newsfeed area where kids can post multimedia, links and notes. There are games, brain teasers and activities for children to do at home as well.

“We are so thrilled to launch the Mad Science Kids Club, furthering our mission to spark children’s imagination and provide them with a tangible, fun and highly interactive way to extend their experience with science outside of the classroom,” said Kathy Muloin, President of The Mad Science Group.

You can check out the Mad Science Kids Club and sign up you own child here.