Social networking online: Where to go, and where not to waste your time (Part 3: The Awful)

Techvibes is in the midst of assembling four lists: The Best Social Networking Sites, The Worst Social Networking Sites, The Downright Awful Networking Sites, and Sites That Will Maximise Your Online Networking.

Here, in Part 3 of the series, we continue on with the downright awful. They’re beyond the worst—they’re off the radar of what any logical human would even consider, and pushing the boundaries of being legal.

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The Downright Awful Networking Sites

Just as it is a waste of time to even consider signing up for these sites, it would be a waste of time to dwell too long on them in this preface. Look, laugh, and move the hell on.

1. MyFace. What about your face? Besides the fact that it’s an amateur, useless copycat website, I can’t imagine there being anything else we need to know about it. It especially does not need it’s own website. This site, like number two on the list, defines “shameless.” I haven’t seen anything this pathetic since China’s iPed.

MyFace touts itself as the “Fastest growing social networking site.” Have you ever heard anything more ludicrous and less credible? How about their front-page intro, an oversized block of text that not only should be broken into paragraphs, but boasts elementary-school spelling: “Try us out. You have nothing to loose.” Maybe I’m just too tight about this site then.

2. FaceSpace. Ah, more space for my face. Just what we needed. How about MyCopycatSpaceFaceBookTwitterLinkedIn? Yeah, that just rolls off the tongue. I know copycat businesses can help cultivate competition and advantage consumers, but FaceSpace definitely spills over the edge of morality. Of course, one cool thing is you get to make your own username instead of using your real name—I can’t wait to network with “italianstud” and “>>-I-Got-Bread–>.”

Some features include rating ridiculously small pictures of men and woman on a scale of 1-10, a la any trashy dating site, and amazing navigational efficiency: If you click any of the pages, and then click back to go home, you can’t. An error page forces you login, sign up, or old-school it with the “Back” button. Quality programming there.

3. Ning. This site, at first glance, looks not half-bad. But that’s very different from its reputation, which has been down the tube for years. Several controversies have plagued the site, including their removal of a search function (just a little essential on a networking site…) for well over a year before finally restoring it, and planning to remove virtually all free services. When not cutting off their own limbs via poor business decisions, Ning is cutting off their users’ rights and freedoms within the site. “Ning,” which is apparently Chinese for “peace,” seems to fitting to me. I see Ning, and I peace out.

For our final list, we will be looking at Sites That Will Maximise Your Online Networking. These are boosters, enhancements, whatever will supercharge your social networking experience. If you can think of any, and I’m sure you can, comment below or drop me an email at