Social Networking Site for Women is Working

I’ve recently discovered a new site for women called Shesconnected.  The social networking site targets busy career women who need an online place to manage their daily activities, connect with peers and organize their lives. Co-founded by Donna Marie Antoniadis and Mark Grindeland, the pair has tapped into something that women apparently want. They want to balance their work-lives and their professional lives on the go.

The site has several features like shared calendars, groups, a directory of bloggers, links, lists to national women’s organizations and a plethora of other technology tools women can choose from and use to connect, make their lives more mobile friendly and achieve a perceived level of balance. (Perfect for those Type A’s out there!)

Once you create a profile, join a group or create a group, you can connect with women in your city, women with the same interests, upload photos, read articles, journal, send messages and organize, organize and organize.  Some of the mobile features are cool:You can opt-in to get mobile notifications on the go based on your profile, groups and preferences, share calendars, use a web-2-mobile or mobile-2-web notification system and my favourite, the virtual assistant.

Pen out of ink? Computer on the blink? Welcome to the cutting edge of staying connected. No matter where you are, call or text in updates to your calendar or to-do lists that automatically post to your My Page for you-before you have a chance to forget! Think of it as your own virtual “note to self” for important reminders.

So will busy women really plug-in and join yet another link online to manage their lack of time?  Well, maybe.  Here’s a post I found on Susan Mernit‘s blog (she is so awesome!) about female executives struggling to manage work and life committments.

Big company managers, male and female alike, think women’s family commitments will interfere with their ability to perform executive level jobs says a recent study from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Business Administration.  Additionally, the managers saw men as a better fit for the company’s senior roles than they did the “softer” women, regardless of skill level.

Could Shesconnected be the solution we’ve all been waiting for?