Social Networking takes to the Street

One of the strongest presenters spoke about the future of mobile and the exceptionally scary vis-à-vis really cool developments of mobile GPS. Chad Stoller is the Executive Director of Emerging Platforms for Organic Inc. the digital marketing agency. Chad who was a witty and loveable character, sorry for the description but I was just on the front page of Organic’s website and Harry Potter was on there. Anyway Chad told us a story of GPS and phone future that took us through a journey of interconnectivity and metropolitan survival.

The plan is that your GPS phone can easily hook you up to the web and tell your favorite restaurant rating site you are looking to for Italian dinner suggestions and in turn the site can tell you where to go that is close by. It can also tell you where to shop, how to avoid traffic jams, areas to stay out of and, are you ready, where everyone you know is currently located. Yes your phone will give you a proximity alert if your friends are near by and this can also tell your social network where you are so it can in turn broadcast that to all your other friends where you are at. Here is where both the cool and the scary come in.

This could be an amazingly interesting feature and bring the social networking status update of “so and so is online” experience to the street. But it can also tell your ex that you walk by your old house all the time or that you actually did go to the bar with friends instead of back to the office. Why is my boyfriend at the lingerie shop, why is my wife at the BMW Dealership, why is big brother following me to the 2 for 1 pizza joint? Who knows but it’s a weird and whacky world we are all moving into and we can watch it all unfold on a 320 by 480 pixel screen!