Social site for Gatineau Park fans

Ottawa author and podcaster Charles Hodgson is a big fan of Gatineau Park, the large, sprawling park on the Quebec side of the National Capital Region.
His appreciation for Gatineau Park led to the creation of Guide Gatineau, a volunteer driven web resource for park enthusiasts.
The site provides a variety of information relating to the park, including the current weather, news stories related to the par through RSS blogs and events.
Guide Gatineau also includes weekly video features, which highlight the park’s history or in the case of the current video, provides instructions on how to access the park on a bicycle.
To complement all that, there

With a circumference of 179km, there’s certainly plenty to say about Gatineau Park, hence the site is looking to crowd-source more content from members, particularly for French content.

Below is the lastest video, Bicycle approaches to Gatineau Park