SocialBungy to Launch a Socially-Enabled Contest and Sweepstakes Platform This Spring

socialbungy screenshotToronto and Montreal-based startup SocialBungy believes that every digital marketing campaign should be unique on its own – without seeking the help of custom development or breaking your wallet.

When the company launched two years ago as a social media marketing shop, their customers, like Steam Whistle and Lindt Chocolate, were always asking for custom campaigns. But not all companies can afford the cost that comes with customization. To meet those market demands, SocialBungy plans to launch a socially-enabled contest and sweepstakes platform this spring. 

“Ultimately our goal is to eliminate the high cost of launching a professional and brand-tailored campaign. In fact, most of our campaigns will run along the same price range as our cookie-cutter competitors, with campaigns starting at $249,” says Mike Barwick, Founder of SocialBungy.

SocialBungy’s customizable campaigns will include Facebook, Twitter, and micro-sites. The startup claims that all of the contest and sweepstakes layouts will allow brands to tailor the campaign to their needs.

“Many of our competitors offer cookie-cutter templates that look like – well, just that – templates! Our self-serve platform allows small businesses, large brands, and agencies the opportunity to launch custom and unique campaigns at a fraction of a developer’s cost,” says Barwick. 

SocialBungy offers brands the ability to select from an assortment of layouts to find the one best suited for their campaign. Each element on the SocialBungy template can be modified with a brand’s custom image, HTML, and even their own font and color scheme.

The company also gives brands the opportunity to market to their users and contestants after they’ve entered a contest. Brands can create their own custom email confirmations to be sent immediately following the users’ entry.

The SocialBungy product is user-friendly – so you don’t have to know how to code in order to set-up a campaign. “We offer the perks of coding without the code. We’re easily the most flexible DIY campaign builder to come to market without requiring a coding guru,” says Barwick.

SocialBungy is also offering a self-serve Agency Partner Program which provides agencies, small boutique firms, and social marketers with the tools they need to launch and run campaigns for their demanding clients.

The company is planning to launch the platform in late April/early May. In the meantime, SocialBungy is offering a free trial of one of their campaigns at a value of $250. To register, visit