SoftCom launches new messaging and collaboration services through Parallels Automation

Cloud enablement leader, Parallels, recently announced that SoftCom, a leading provider of web hosting worldwide, has launched Parallels Automation.

Parallels Automation will help SoftCom deliver full service offerings to its customers, explore new markets, and increase average revenue per customer. The Parallels Automation suite will be a single delivery platform that should allow SoftCom to operate and grow all of its successful brands.

Celal Ulgen is the Chief Marketing Officer at SoftCom:

Deploying Parallels Automation was a practical decision both from an operational point of view and from a profitability perspective too.  We looked at the alternatives prior to deployment and Parallels stood head and shoulders above the rest. This gave us the extra confidence we needed to be able to trust our entire hosting automation needs to Parallels.

Jack Zubarev is the President of Worldwide Service Providers at Parallels:

This is a great example of Parallels Automation helping a partner offer profitable cloud services.  We are very pleased with this commitment by SoftCom to entrust Parallels Automation to run its entire hosting business while making cloud services available to its customers.