SoJo Launches, Aims to Transform Ideas for Global Social Change into Action

SoJo, a provider of tools and resources for social innovators and social change, has officially launched its resources website

“Since SoJo’s beta launch in fall 2011, we have worked hard at increasing the accessibility of valuable information, knowledge and lessons learned for individuals wishing bring an idea for social change into action,” said Kanika Gupta, SoJo’s founder and Chief Catalyst.

Recognize Kanika’s last name? That’s because she’s the sister of Kunal Gupta, the Toronto entrepreneur behind mobile app development startup Polar Mobile. 

“This launch represents and enhances our commitment to the individual behind the idea, and takes SoJo to the next level as an organization as we work to close the gap between the individual and the knowledge they need,” Kanika added. “At SoJo, we remove the complications that occur when trying to find fragmented and complex information to ensure that the individual can focus, incubate and execute on their ideas for social change.”

In its beta phase, SoJo reached over 15,000 social innovators since November 2011. 

SoJo was incubated in the Ryerson Digital Media Zone.