Some Canadians Would Rather Give Up Their Pet Than Their Smartphone

Canadians would sooner give up a lot of things before their smartphones, according to a recent survey from Wind Mobile.

37% of Canadian mobile phone owners aged 18 to 34 say that, if necessary, they would give up videogames before walking away from their devices, while 36% say they would rather quit drinking coffee rather than lose their phones. 28% would give up television.

So not surprisingly, these tiny mobile computers also make hot holiday gifts. 64% of adults say they would be excited to find a new phone waiting for them under the Christmas tree.

Respondents also confirmed they would sooner cut off watching sports (39%) or give up going to restaurants (27%) before losing their smartphones. Some would even give up their beloved pets in order to keep their phones—20% of men and 13% of women would choose abandon a furry family member in order to keep their iPhone.

Fortunately, smartphone addiction weakens with age. Canadians aged 35 to 54 are far less likely to give up something if necessary in order to keep their devices, including coffee (20%), restaurants (17%) and television (10%).