Something Simpler shows something more

Something Simpler, the stealth company headed by EQO founder Ian Andrew Bell, showed the Launch Party audience at the Republic in downtown Vancouver on Wednesday a sneak peek of their plan for the site.

Something Simpler’s Weston Triemstria took the wraps off Pulse, the company’s new Facebook app, currently in early beta. Pulse is a recommendation engine that acts like “a friend who always knows the latest band or movie,” Triemestria said.

The app works by reading your existing favorites off of Facebook and basing recommendations off of them. Plans for future releases include compatibility tests.

“It’s targeted for busy people who don’t want to miss important stuff. It’s also a good way for you to find out what your friends care about. It helps you do things Facebook is already good at, like maintaining friendships in a more efficient way, and strengthens your social network,” Triemestria said.