Sony Bringing Google TV To Canada [Video]

These days, we want our televisions to do more, interact more, and be less unidirectional.  Apple have definitely had success with “augmenting” the television experience, as the Apple TV owns the majority of this market. 

While Google TV is the most likely competitor, a quick perusal of Google Trends shows “Apple TV” has been searched 14.2x more than “Google TV” here in Canada over the last 12 months.

Google TV is a good product, and could really compete with Apple TV in Canada – the only problem being, Google TV isn’t available here.  The reason for this absence is different than that which plague Google Voice, Music, and Wallet – Google do not produce their own hardware… yet.

Unlike Apple, Google relies on partner companies to develop hardware to utilize their products.  This does not always work well, as Google tends to create “flagship” devices that pushes other companies to compete on that platform (see Galaxy Nexus or upcoming Nexus tablet).

With the Apple TV selling over 4 million units, it seems Sony would like a piece of the pie.  In fact, their first Google TV product will also be the first Google TV to come to Canada.  Cleverly named “Internet Player with Google TV,” the box has an MSRP of $199 USD on their website.  The release date is slated as August 13, 2012, and though the price may be a little steep (Apple TV sells for $109 CDN), the remote alone may be worth the price.

I have an Apple TV, and I dread typing into the search screen (I was faster with the Game Genie).  The Sony Google TV has a remote that includes touchpad, keyboard, and buttons galore.  It ships with Google’s new Google TV 2.0 OS, HDMI, two USB ports to attach storage options, and can connect directly to your cable box, something Apple TV doesn’t do.  These are some serious upgrades for only $90 more than the Apple TV.