Sony eyes casual gamers’ market with potential products: An Android-based PlayStation phone and a tablet

For nearly a decade, rumours have swirled of a Playstation phone. Ever since Sony partnered with Erickson way back in 2001. Now, almost 10 years later, the rumours look like they’ll finally become fact.

A 4-inch, Android 3.0 gaming-oriented phone developed by Sony and running on the PSP platform looks like is it apt to become reality soon, with Engadget suggesting leaked pictures may actually be the real deal this time. 


Sony confirms nothing, and is very unlikely to make any official announcement before the new year (lest it risk losing sales on customers holding out from Christmas shopping in hopes of a new PSPhone). But no doubt that tech geeks across the globe will be keeping the discussion on this potentially forthcoming product launch alive and healthy on blogs and online forums everywhere for months to come.

Lesser-founded rumours also suggest that Sony has plans to develop a tablet, which would likely feature Sony hardware and run on Google’s Android OS, like the PSPhone. This, if it is to exist at all, would probably come after the phone or next PSP.