Sorry, Canada, But it Looks Like Our Internet’s Exorbitant Overage Fees are Here to Stay

You know those exorbitant overage fees you sometimes have to pay when you accidentally spill over your pathetically puny data transfer cap? Well, they’re probably not going anywhere, and neither are the low ceilings for data transfer, according to a new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

First of all, PwC says, there is absolutely no incentive for Canada’s internet service providers to change their ways. As it stands, Rogers and Bell are enjoying lustrous revenue growth from their home internet department. And no one is really pressuring them to lower the fees or raise the data limits that are fuelling much of this growth.

PwC’s report reveals that average internet bills are on the rise: by 2016, they will average at least $45—considerably high than the $38 paid in 2011.

In the US, starting caps are often two or three times higher than Canadian counterparts’ standard plans. For example, Comcast’s lowest ceiling is 300 GB per month, while Telus’ internet starts at 150 GB and even its mid-range “High Speed Turbo” caps out at 250 GB.

Photo: Charlie Brown