Event Uniting Entrepreneurs to Eliminate Excuses

Marc Asselin has joined the ranks of South Florida entrepreneurs acknowledging the benefits of fostering the local community. Marc is putting together a different kind of conference, one focused on achieving tangible results upon completion. In Marc’s words, the goal of KickStartz is to help “get past excuses and get things done.”

KickStartz occurs June 18th-20th. Participants have the opportunity to submit a business idea in the form of an elevator pitch on Thursday night. Next, attendees will vote for their favorite ideas and the winners will be distributed amongst small teams. These teams will then scurry to bring these ideas into fruition over the remainder of the weekend. There are no NDAs or contracts of any sort, but Marc feels confident that participants will see the benefit of being open about their ideas. In his words, “What is the point of having ideas if you are not going to act?”

There will be scheduled presentations, currently TBD, but the real draw of KickStartz is to build teams around developing ideas that would otherwise not be possible. Additionally, Marc is working with sponsors to make this event full of free and discounted resources for attendees. Marc’s biggest sponsor is Microsoft, who will no doubt be marketing their BizSpark program to this concentrated group of entrepreneurs. BizSpark is a Microsoft initiative granting select startups access to their software for up to 3 years for free.

One of the things I find most fascinating about Marc’s approach to this is the fact he is not targeting a specific discipline of attendees. He is calling on people with a diverse pallet of interests. With a little luck this event can reach far beyond the navel gazing and saber rattling often associated with conferences dedicated to uniting likeminded individuals. KickStartz is definitely an ambitious project and I wish Marc luck. If you are interested you can find out more at kickstartz.com.