Sow what you know with Gleanr

For some fun over the holidays, check out Gleanr – the “instant personal networking” flagship product of Vancouver’s CrowdTrust Technologies.

Gleanr enables you to easily capture everything that matters in your digital life, and to channel your interests and knowledge with friends, colleagues and the world.

We’re not just another social web site you need to maintain. We fit in with your daily activities – all you do is click when you have an idea or encounter something meaningful. You can also decide instantly whether this is something you want to keep private or share in work or friendship.

While each digital item has value to you and your networks, Gleanr understands the collected value of your assets is an untapped personal treasure. We store them for you and make them easy to find and use, but we also encode them into a personal index (like a search engine’s index, but all yours!) that organizes your entire web presence.

Capture ideas, resources, people, places, events, emails, documents — whatever is important. You own and control everything. Your Gleanr account is accessible to you from any Internet-connected computer in the world; better yet, the fruits of your labour and expertise are “always on”!

Grab a free Gleanr beta account and have a read on how to use it here.

Hat tip to Rizwan Kheraj for the heads up on Gleanr.