Real Estate Startup Becomes Canada’s Largest Commercial Real Estate Database

SpaceList was founded in 2012 to bring Canada’s commercial real estate listings together in one place.

Two years later they have become the largest commercial real estate database in all of Canada with over 20,000 active lease listings representing over 300 million square feet of available space.

And according to SpaceList this is significantly more than the Canadian Real Estate Association’s own ICX platform.

Vancouver’s SpaceList was founded by Bill MacEwen in 2012. “We believe that buildings exist to serve the people who use them. Our industry can get caught up with collecting fees and sometimes forget that simple truth. We exist to help people find and secure a space that brings their vision to life”.

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According to SpaceList’s ‘update’ press release today, the site is currently getting over 70,000 visitors per month with over 5,000 inquiries per month while experiencing 15% monthly traffic growth.

MacEwen got his start in commercial real estate in 2005, when he signed a lease on a 5,000 square foot loft in Vancouver’s Gastown and opened one of Canada’s first co-working spaces, WorkSpace. And it was this experience that sparked the idea for SpaceList.

“I walked all of downtown Vancouver like a grid … making note of every ‘for lease’ sign I saw,” MacEwen explained to Techvibes. “Meeting with brokers and landowners was quite an adventure too. It took me forever to find something suitable but I eventually came across a 5,000-square-foot loft in Gastown. I had no experience leasing anything more than my modest apartment and was a bit shocked when the 40-page lease agreement landed on my desk. There was clearly more to this commercial leasing thing than I knew at the time.”