Spamming a Big Trend For Mother’s Day

Many North Americans are celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday.  And so are spammers that use this day as an opportunity to distribute their spam wares.  According to Symantec’s May Spam Report 2009, spam volumes continue to creep back up to normal, especially during these events.  Products spam-advertised this Mother’s Day include flowers, photo frames, jewellery, gift cards, kitchen related products, and the ever-present weight-loss products.

The report says,

While other current events such as the H1N1 flu outbreak have resulted in some high profile spam attacks, it is clear that spammers continue to believe that just like the greeting card companies, they will obtain a return on their investment when they target this particular holiday.

What are some top related subject lines?

1. Mothers Day Flowers starting at $19.99 – FTD Flowers
2. Mother’s Day Exclusive! Flowers from $19.99
3. Send Mother’s Day Flowers from $19.99
4. Surprise Mom with a Personalized Gift
5. Special Mother’s Day Offer! Flowers from $19.99

While Internet and leisure topic-related spam is done this month, health, financial and scam-related spam is on the rise. (The Swine-Flu and the bad economy all contributing to these trends.)