Special Announcement: Techvibes launches localized content streams on Twitter

The tagline of Techvibes Media is, as our logo quite obviously suggests, is “uniting the tech community.” With Internet now a household staple in this country, physical and geographic boundaries are erased: all of Canada can be one unified tech community – and every day we strive to make this a reality.

But sometimes, people don’t want to deal with their neighbours’ crap.

For this, Techvibes is proud to announce that it’s launching a string of new Twitter accounts, each based on one of the major cities for which we cover – From Victoria on the West Coast to Montreal back East. These new accounts will allow you to cut out the fat you don’t want to consume, by providing highly localized, city-specific content streams. News, events, and job listings relevant specifically to one city will be published through our new accounts (in addition to our main Twitter account, which – aside from a spiffy new background – will remain ultimately the same).

As a uniquely hyper-local technology blog, we already offer this service here on our site, allowing users to easily filter content by city. So we thought it only made sense to apply this element of localization and customization via our core social media channel.

Stay tuned, because as we roll out new cities, we’ll offer some exclusive, limited-time offers you’ll find hard to resist.

We will launch our first batch of cities very, very soon.