Speed-Dating at the Vancouver International Partnering Forum

I was a participant at this year’s VIPF, and got my share of speed dating with potential partners for our startup (I’ll never speed-date for real, ever!).  While exhausted even today (think, 8-9 companies in a 6-hour span and nerves kicking-in every time you meet a new “potential partner”), it was a very positive experience. We made some good leads and received great feedback from potential companies that we could work with in the future.  We also saw what was happening in the overseas technological market, which is so beneficial.  Some of the companies that seemed to welcome Canadian startups to share their stories and possibly make a deal with were: the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (actively seeking Canadian content), some of the European developers (Germany and Holland) and the EDC to name a few.  Obviously, I am speaking of companies that were interested in a lifestyles-and-consumer site we are working on.

I wanted to share some interesting local startups that caught my attention.  Locally, Substream.com aims to capture a niche market of filmmakers, movie lovers and video enthusiasts.  The site is built around two complimentary video channels and distributes original video content: The Film Lab and The Stream.  The Lab helps you in your film making endeavours, while the Stream helps promote good content.  The site will branded video content, use affiliate marketing and offer a members-only exclusive package to generate revenue (amongst other things).  Another interesting company called Fat Rock Productions (founded by a young producer, Karen Black) was shopping around webisodes called Leper High.  Telling uncommon stories about uncommon women, if you’re looking for video web content, contact Karen!  After all is said and done, I would highly recommend anyone starting up or in business already to attend next year.