Speed Dating Lives on for Mentees and Mentors alike

It’s a proven reality that mentorship is a key success metric for a young person as they decipher the plethora of messages, directions and choices available to them early on. On November 18th, the American Marketing Association presents “Speed Mentoring for Marketers” at the Drake Hotel in Toronto from 5-9 pm.

With the objective to collectively bring together the emerging and seasoned marketer the common goal remains static: unify those with a passion and curiosity for marketing within the contextual online and offline technological avenues at our disposal.  With the opportunity for mentees to connect with highly networked and established industry professionals spanning various verticals, this is a opportune way to bridge the generation gap between executives and rising talent.

So for those considering participating in this event or pursuing professional relationships with senior industry leaders, ask yourself what it is that mentoring can do for you and help you to achieve. This is the first of many important questions you’ll be asking yourself as you begin to build the groundwork for professional expansion in the years to come.

Employing the effectively tactical “speed dating” model to enable multiple conversations and meetings along with thought leadership, round table discussions will break up the quick sessions, led by Alan Kay of The Glasgow Group.

Join mentees and mentors alike as generations collaborate to enhance knowledge, thought leadership and change. It’s a chance, an opportunity and a luxury afforded to be engaging in such dialogue.

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