Spice up your next Board meeting with Cleopatra

Whether you appreciate the significance of it or not, meeting and dating singles has become much cheaper, faster and easier than ever. Part of it has to do with the fact that we now have online tools in place to help us meet, greet, wine and dine potential others on a global level, and sometimes we can even do this anonymously.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the same thing at your next quarterly budget meeting as well? Not the dating part of course, but with nearly $4 billion wasted annually on business meetings, wouldn’t it be great to make them easier, cheaper and much more effective?

You can. And you can also pretend to be Napoleon or Genghis Khan while your at it. No kidding.

With Powernoodle – the next biggest thing from Stratford, Ontario since Justin Bieber – you can make your online business meetings more fun, engaging, proactive and productive. Launched last Monday and inspired by the gaming world, Powernoodle uses avatars, online anonymity, reward and recognition tools and online collaborative software to help you brainstorm ideas, put them down on paper and then act on them.

Meetings ahoy! (Pssstt! Watch the trailer on Powernoodle’s homepage – it’s awesome).