SplashCast embraces MySpace apps

SplashCastToday, marked the long-awaited launch of MySpace apps, the application platform designed to keep MySpace competitive with rival social network Facebook. So it only makes sense that the makers of popular applications on Facebook, like Portland-based SplashCast, took the opportunity to embrace this new platform for delivering media widgets.

SplashCast—currently #5 on our Portland Start-up Index—has continued to grow in popularity, thanks to its custom players built for a wide variety of media powerhouses like Justin Timberlake, Britney, Dwayne Wade, Converse, and even Hillary Clinton.

By embracing MySpace apps, SplashCast promises to continue the impressive track record of increasingly popular widgets which have, to date, garnered millions of user views.

Still among the leading sites in terms of traffic, MySpace receives a staggering 2 billion estimated page views per month in the United States alone. When you combine that statistic with the MySpace demographic and the unique way that SplashCast delivers apps on the MySpace platform—focusing on distributing one-off, individually branded, artist-specific applications instead of one app with multiple artists—the SplashCast applications are sure to quickly create a widely distributed presence in this brave new social application world.