SplashCast “Hillary Speaks For Me” strikes significant chord

SplashCast Hillary speaks for MeSplashCast has made its mark by creating custom media player widgets for popular musicians, like Justin Timberlake and Britney, but their biggest hit could very well come from wonking it up on the political scene.

Response for Hillary Speaks For Me, a SplashCast project that allows individuals to view and add videos showing support for US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stands to eclipse all SplashCast efforts to date.

In two weeks, the SplashCast application has garnered hundreds of thousands of views, thousands of Facebook users, and hundreds of short videos submissions. But perhaps the most impressive stat is the press coverage the application is generating, both online and off:

HillarySpeaksForMe has been mentioned on several major blogs such as Politico.com and Daily Koz. I got a kick seeing Wolf Blitzer mention the effort on CNN. It was also fun to see a clip of young supporters chanting “Hillary speaks for me” at a rally in Texas.

For more information on the progress of the app, visit the SplashCast blog. To see the player in action, visit HillarySpeaksForMe.com.