SplashCast partners with widget distributor Clearspring

SplashCast, the immersive and interactive advertising technology that allows traditional advertisers to participate more thoughtfully within social media, has announced a partnership with Clearspring that should guarantee continued adoption.

What does the partnership provide?

Clearspring account tools are now automatically available to all SplashCast advertising clients and content partners. At the same time, SplashCast provides Clearspring and their clients the best in viral broadcasting and social advertising application tools.

Clearspring is the leading provider of widget creation, distribution, tracking and monetization services, used by the world’s largest media companies, advertisers, and widget developers. We help publishers and marketers extend their reach to the leading social networks, start pages and blogs and to respond to growing consumer demand for a more personalized desktop, Web, and mobile experience. Clearspring is privately funded and based in McLean, Virginia.