Spot: a new Mobile Restaurant App for Canada

spot app never forget a placeSpot, an app developed and run with success by PlacePop in San Francisco, is now available in Canada.

There may already be an abundance of restaurant finders out there, but where Spot excels is in its ability to personalize a list of places that you won’t forget to try. It also allows you to see what other people are “spotting” around town.

With Spot, you can search for restaurants in your area and then add them to a wish list. When you’re hungry, you can simply go to your list and find that place that you’ve been meaning to go to. From there you can link to your map app and track down phone numbers and even a website if they have one.

Users can also look at a list of recent “spotting” activity in their area to see what’s been spotted by local users.

Spot is a simple, elegant iPhone application that lets you capture local recommendations the moment you hear them and quickly recall and sort them anytime you like.